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Probably the only site of its kind! Do you like to watch attractive girls playing and (of course!) LOSING strip games? See the winners, the losers and often some forfeits too. Beautiful girls-next-door playing a growing variety of strip games.
Three beautiful girls playing strip spin-the-bottle
Michelle, Anna & Bobbi play Strip Spin-the-Bottle
The website dedicated to beautiful girls undressing, stripping and being stripped by others. Fuly clothed to completely naked.

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Lucky guy removing Ellen's panties
Rather than watching strip games, do you prefer to play them? We have more than 600 female opponents, 90 with full motion video. Play Poker, BlackJack, Texas Hold'em, Nine Ball Pool, 5 Card Stud Poker, Joker Poker, Deuces Wild, Pornstar Breakout, Strip Memory and the list keeps growing. See our tour to find out more...
Sure, we all like to watch girls undress. But have you ever wanted to control how they undress? Choose a girl, choose what she removes. Choose front or back view for every photo. Best of all, most of the site is completely free.
4 samples of partially undressed girls
Choose a girl, then undress her
as you wish.
Hi-res videos of girls & guys playing an excellent forfeit game. Each player picks a card and has to do what it says, and that can involve undressing, spanking, kissing, lap dancing, fondling and much more!
A group of girls playing a sexy stripgame until most of them are naked!
Nudes with a wholesome twist. Super beautiful images of women. Operating since 1997. It is well worth a visit to this site - you will be impressed! Naked girl about to expose herself.
Gorgeous girls, beautiful bottoms, sound spankings: that's their promise!
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Gorgeous naked bottom being caned.
2KAD.NET logo - humour, laughs and comedy.
Excellent humour website: Funny photo galleries, jokes section, recommended links, funny news, hysterical T-shirts and more...

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